Polar Bear Party

Monday, December 18, 2017


We celebrated our Charlie girl turning 2! We mostly celebrated with a trip to Disney & her turning 2 while we were there, which included a ton of Disney park gifts +  a mickey mouse cake, which she absolutely adored. So I was going to skip the party at home with Christmas being so close, but my mom wanted to give her, her birthday gifts & we decided to have a little cake and ice cream which turned into pizza, cake, ice cream, candles. BUT still toned down from the big birthday celebration I was planning on having for her. So we had some plates, threw on a table cloth, put out some Christmas decorations and passed it off as a polar bear winter party. 

I made some polar bear/tree sugar cookies, my mom made a yummy white vanilla cake, and my husband brought home pizza from a delicious Italian bakery. It was such a fun night + we (my husband and I) were so happy we scaled back.

She had the best time checking out all her new toys, which she is STILL playing with, yay for a change of toys. 

We're prepping for Santa to come this year so this week we'll be making cookies for santa & his reindeer. She asked for a baby & a baby bed from santa. I'll post a round up of our list of our favorite toys + items for Christmas soon!

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  1. Aww I wished polar bears still looked like that. But they're currently dying of starvation due to global warming.