Monday, June 1, 2015

Guess what?!
I'm back, seriously sorry for the dry spell. So much going on + my energy level hit rock bottom,
but I'm rocking the second trimester like a total boss, okay, I'm kidding but I'm so glad that my energy is back in full force. Instead of crafting & creating I've been un-hoarding my house and we've been quickly trying to finish our house remodel.....and by that last sentence I completely mean my husband has been doing all the work. Aside for the series of excesses, the point is I'm back for a while, and I'm sticking around.

What a better way to kick off the summer, or just being back, than an ALOHA box?
Filled with mini pineapple donuts, a pineapple party hat, and some other fun party treats. You can make this for your neighbors or kiddos in just minutes. I picked up a bag of mini donuts from the store, dunked them in some vanilla food colored frosting, adding some pipping, cut some paper tops, and that was it. I hit up my craft closet to fill the rest of the box with goodies, if you're just a donut person just stick with the chocolate covered mini pineapple donuts!

Aloha friends, it's good to be back! Happy pineapple donut making!

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  1. ALOHA! I absolutely love everything pineapple related! So this is just the perfect post for me! Thank you!