kinda like missing // but i'm still here!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

So let me please just apologize for the absence,
My radio silence has been pretty constant, even on Instagram, just nothing, nada.
I need more hours in the day, if that could be possible it would be great! But around here I've just been busy, we have like 15 projects going on in our house, and that's consuming a majority of my time, plus work, plus moms best, plus church commitments! Yikes, like the only store I've gone to is the lumber store, like 1,000 times. But besides that we also have some pretty exciting news! My sister is having a baby, yes finally! We are so dang excited around here! So I've been busy gathering some fun inspiration! You can come check out all my house, outdoor, shower, & party lovin' inspo. here!

Here's what I've been inspired by lately! You can also click the link below to  follow me! Visit Chelsey Mass | Bright & Bold's profile on Pinterest.

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