Don't worry its Monday & We're alive.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hey, no need to worry, we're still alive after a seriously case of the stomach flu
Nothing says Valentines day like puking your guts up right? Wrong, I tried quarantining my self but, lets just say that didn't work, but guess what.... it's Monday and we're feeling good! The house is bleached- top to bottom- 2 cans of Lysol 1/2 bottle of bleach, and a container of Clorox wipes down. But good news since my house is sterilized that means you can come over, its 99.9% germ free.       So before the illness struck, I managed to make pull off a partial DIY, that totally counts right? But don't worry the rest is coming, promise!

So here it is...
DIY gold spray paint animals.

Plastic Animals (dollar tree)
Rustoleums Metallic Gold

Lets be honest, you can prime these but if your in a hurry or its super cold outside, just skip it, go straight for the gold. The Rustoleum covers REALLY well,sometimes just 1 coat or some cases 2. Let these babes dry and you're good! Stay tune for part 2 it's worth it, wink wink!

These would be super adorable for a shower just painted, or wait till you see what I have in store!

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