Thursday, September 25, 2014


 Hi, I'm alive, yes barely, between the birthdays, parties, anniversaries &
emergency gallbladder surgery, I just happen to barely be making it, ha kidding!
I'm feeling much better almost 12 days post surgery, but seriously has anyone had gallstones?
People, they're NO JOKE, so extremely painful, I caved and went to the E.R.
which than turned into emergency MRI, ultasound, and gallbladder surgery at midnight.
Thank heavens for surgeons and doctors, oh and pain meds, morphine was my best friend.

Anyone excited about Halloween as I am? Because I'm so excited!
I've been slowly getting the Halloween decorations out... piece by piece..
I put these little treat boxes together for my family + friends! Here's what I put in my box:

Boxed Treats:
Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
Other candy treats
Mini pumpkin

P.s. if you haven't check out Custom Labels do! That's where these darling "Witches Rootbeer's" came from!

Happy Halloween Treat Making!

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