Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What a great weekend, my heart is so full, as we celebrated my husbands birthday,
lots of family, laughs, great atmosphere, good food, just a great time all together.
I'm sharing his birthday bash over at Mom's Best such a great night, and those cake were amazing!
I'll be sharing my $8 "table runner" made from a drop cloth. 

The thing I love most about our house is sharing it with the ones we love.
Nothing I love more than to sit under the outdoor lights on our patio at night laughing and chatting,
Life is good, and we have so much to be grateful, especially on nights like this!

Meanwhile we have a BIG bathroom remodel we're getting ready for,
We spend all day Saturday picking out tile, getting ideas, and making plants,
Stay tuned it should be great, haha perhaps not for my wallet but a huge improvement!

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