Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Phew, sorry for the lack of posts, we've been working so hard on getting this kitchen remodeled
which is a bit of a task when you both work 40+ hours a week + doing all the work your self...........
I know we're crazy. My house is upside down, but seeing it all come together makes it so worth it!

We still have all the white subway tile to do & the stainless steel oven hood is on it's way!
Phew, these cabinets have been a small large undertaking, seriously I think on Sunday I just wanted to pick
up EVERY SINGLE on of our cabinets and chuck in the trash, pretty hateful? I know.
So if your up for this task, just know what you're in fore.
You maybe will be eating saw dust for a bit, but worth it.

So I read a MILLION tutorial on how to do this, which were all really good,
but we completely vitto-ed the sanding process and used a de-glosser that required,
rubbing and brushing on the super potent chemical and than letting it sit for 1/2 hour, than prime.
I considered filling in the wood grain & I test it on one cabinet & it was so messy & you could still see the oak wood grain, so since I had 20+ cabinet doors to paint I decided it wasn't worth it,
So the question? Can you see the wood grain? Yes, you can, but only up close...

p.s. while I still wanted beautiful marble counters, I couldnt justify putting that much money into a house
that we will probably end up selling.. I LOVE our formica calcutta! Lowe's carry it as a special order..
We made sure to order a 12' sheet that way we could do the entire (long side)
of the counters in one roll, no seams.. we thought this would help make it look less like formica,
I love the outcome! Also if you're looking for stark white subway tiles, order these!
They're stark white, and worth the extra money for a clean look to match the cabinets.

P.s. perhaps just order the laminte pre attached to the cabinets, we made out counter & rolled and cut our our formica, My husband did a great job but it was a lot of work!

Oh you missed out kitchen before? Faux ivy and boarder all! (this was the previous owner photo)
We ripped out the soffit above the sink, & kept the soffit everywhere else,
We have something up our sleeves for that.....
Removed that ugly end cabinet & installed a new just a lower & upper.
See the tiny dishwasher? We got reid of that and installed a new standard sized dishwasher on the other side.
New counters, new lighting, new wood flooring, new sink, new fridge....

I'll probably be posting lots more photos but we're slowly getting there!

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