Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Today I'm sharing these DIY donut hats,
Remember how I teamed up with the wonderfully creative Sarah from Confetti Sunshine
We're still hosting and posting our DIY donut ideas!

Let's be honest who doesn't love a donut hat? I do!
I love a party hat & these were SO easy to make! I print this template here
Than I printined Confetti Sunshine's 4" donut template & cut it out, and glue to to my hat.

I made some fringe from tissue paper:
First cut 4" square of tissue paper, than gold the tissue and cut on the open side (not the folded)
Little strips, without cutting all the way to the top, like in this photo.
Than glue it to the top of the party hat! & add some elastic
or if you're feeling really fancy a plastic headband!

Now go run and check out Sarah from Confetti Sunshine's adorable stamped donut boxes! 
I'm adding that to my to-do list! I absolutely adore that donut box! 
I'm thinking I could use to for any occasion, seriously she's brilliant, I adore her ideas!
And maybe you'll find me making a donut stamp tonight, just maybe, okay probably!


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  2. Hi, I love the hats! Is there a way to find the 4" donut template? Confetti Sunshine web pages don't seem to be up & running.