Saturday, January 25, 2014

Suedo tutorial on these DIY candles.
I bought my candles at my local dollar store for $1
I thought how fun would these be to celebrate a small event like job promotion, finishing something, or just a good day! 

I hated the colors so I paint them. Here's how to make these:

Step 1: Tape off candles, paint with acrylic paint or spray paint. Let dry.
Step 2: Make your cupcakes, Frost them. I happen to love this tip from Sweet Estelle
Use a pastry bag & frosting tip. If you dont have a pastry bag use a ziploc baggie. 
pstt.. I used canned frosting, today i'm a cheater.
Step 4: Add your candles to your freshly frosted cupcakes
Step 5: Light those bad boys & enjoy!

Make everyday special! 

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