Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I purchased most the candy through amazon but I picked up these M&M in the valentine section
and just removed all the red ones, or maybe I ate them, either way works!

Added  sprinkles to the cups just to make it a little more fun!

 I add glitter paper as a liner on the inside of the envelope when I sent out the invites.

Just finishing up Young Women in Excellance.
I know I've been slowing posting about this so here are all the details! 
Visit this post if you missed the backdrop I put together
And here are the final details. I just finished frosting cup & adding sprinkles.
I just am putting together these bags + tags and filled them with treat
for the girls to snack on while we're getting started!

You can read this tutorial  on paper fans over at Mom's Best Network
Create the simple paper fans for a backdrop for your Young Womens in Excellance, party!

The pink glitter crown is just for fun to set with the treat bags,
and seriously who doesn't love a pink crown?
Pink M&M's, rock candy, other random pink candy, donuts, milk, cupcakes, & sugar cookies.

  download these invites  I made and use them for your Young Women in Excellance.

Visit the photos from our 2014 Young Womens in Excellence Event. this post here.

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