Easter Dress.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

I told her shes's NEVER ever allowed to grow up, like ever, because the day that she stops loving twirling dresses, is the day I'll be in the corner bawling, because I'll want my little girl back. But that aside how cute is this dress from Velveteen Clothing? I'm obsessed over the details + color and those little metallic stripes in the dress. You can find there amazing dress selection on their website, and you guys I HAVE to tell you the packaging is just as good, everything packages in the cutest little fabric draw bag, the details are everything.

Hop over and pick out your cute little easter dress + ps if you are in the Omaha or Lincoln area do me or yourself a favor (you'll thank me later) and go to the Paper Kite Shop! It is the cutest if your looking for a gift for mama, little one or baby! We've loved this shop for the last 2 years, and every time we go in, we fall inlove all over again.

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