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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hi there, it's been too long I admit that somewhere in the last 9 months I've taken a little bit of, what we can call, an "extended baby leave". While I went back to work after week 13 my life suddenly happened in FAST forward, and I lost track of all time. I savored the moments of my break and all those tiny moments, I literally had to tell myself to I'm ready to be back!

So here's the deal, I promised to still enjoy my baby's little years, so a new post 1-2 times a week. Of course one post being a DIY. Man, I've been dying to get my hands on some projects!

I'm planning my baby's playroom, 1st birthday, and we've got lots of FUN DIY's we can't wait to share.

So I'm coming back! This week I have a cute DIY felt flower headband to share. In the meantime, I rounded up my baby must have's. Right, like there's a million of these, I'm fully aware. But these were my "Go-to" for the first 9 months! In fact I've recently packed away some of these as those months have closed, and now she's in a "crawling-pulling everything out of the cabinet-beat it against the wood floor phase." But seriously, this is my thing, The snuggly swaddle baby phase is priceless, but these new stages are fun, everyday is a new adventure!

I'll also be sharing baby sales, deals, and essentials for each season. Stay tune!

Baby Basics 

All of these products are honestly tested by me, they were and some still are my go-to, hands down they worked the absolute best for us - I could probably talk about each item and how great it is for several minutes.

Ubbi Pail- No smell + you can use your own trash bags, need I say more?

Orbit Infant Car Seat- Sadly our 23+ lb baby outgrew this, but this is a breeze to get in and out of the car, it swivels making post c-section super easy to just lift high enough to get it on the base, than just click and swivel it into place, and it has its own stretchy cover that is build into the shade.

Dock-a-tot- Next baby I swear, I'm starting with this, they sleep like little angels in this, snug as a bug. but this made transitioning over to crib sleeping a breeze!

Joovy Glass Bottles- The only bottle our baby would take, I still have over 5 different brand of bottles in our basement. No worries about BPA, + these warm up quickly!

Beaba Spoons- Great for transitioning into solids-plus their silicon so baby loves to chew on this. toy + utensil, best of both worlds.

Angel Care- SIDS is scary. This mat detects moment + video so you can watch your baby sleep. If baby doesn't move for a certain period of time the alarm goes off.

Swaddle- Lifesaver during the first months of sleeping at night.

Ikea High Chair- While I love all the cute fancy high chairs, this one is lightweight making moving around the house easy + has a big tray for when baby starts eating solids. Functional at a great price

Britax Affinity- If you're planning a second baby get the B-ready. But this stroller rides so smoothly + it's semi-compact. downside no cup holder.

Kickeepants- Softest jammies every, all I every buy. A great going home outfit from the hospital!

Baby Bum Brush- aka the mini butt spatula- No mess. MUST HAVE

Solly Baby Wrap - Ah, lifesaver many, many times, I could do the dishes while she slept. At 5+ months she still loved this!

Burts Bee Diaper Ointment- The best. Maximum strength by morning no more red bum!

Owlet Baby Monitor- Just trust me buy this. You wont regret it. Monitors baby oxygen + heart rate. Goes off if the levels elevate or drop, plays a lullaby when this happens + the base station turn a color to notify you which level has dropped. This is linked to your iphone so you can check babies heart rate all the time. Infact one late night I had to run to the store while my hubby + baby were asleep and I could check on her at the store. This is worth the peace of mind.

Boon Grass- We are still using this. Best drying rack. Get the little white trees- good for holding binkies + bottle pieces. Get the big one.

Boon Silicon Feeder- A great into to self feeding- we started  with this then moved toward small bites of food. Great for hand-to-mouth coordination. Great for teething babies.

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