Halloween Costume Favorites

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Although our sweet baby girl isn't here yet, & yes at our growth ultra sound I was that crazy mom-to-be that asked the ultra sound tech to double check to make sure it really was a girl, I had this slight fear that I designed this little pink nursery & stuffed her drawers full of pink ruffle-y clothes... and I would be mistaken. We are completely smitten with a baby so either boy or girl we are still so in love with this tiny human, but poor boy, I would hate to bring him home in a pink floral hat + bow headband, and pink sleeper. Anyways long story short, we're on the single digit count down. I mean seriously someone pinch me. This journey has been incredible, so truly grateful for it!

So I completely have costumes + halloween on the brain! Maybe it's because I just got done throwing a cute cat party for my little nieces but the outfits out there are seriously adorable! I put together a list of my absolute favorites, I mean the swan princess + cotton candy are running a close first place and runner up! So if you have an infant this year or are planning for one next year be sure to check out these + wait for the clearance sale and stock up and save of her outfit for next year!

Happy Halloween & stay tune for our little cat party, I mean you're going to die when you see my darling nieces in their cat masks, okay, I may be a little biased....

Click the "+" button for the link + the price of the item.

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