Favorite baby bows + hats.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Although there seems to be a MILLION, okay maybe not quite that much, baby bows + hats out there, I rounded up a list of my very favorite baby bows! Also Peanut Planner, has this fabulous website where you can just click the link and go directly to the website + click the little plus button and it tells you how much the product is! I mean really, how great is that? I had when I see a cute round up than I click the link just to find out that product is like $75 for a blanket... life made EASY, just click the + button to be linked + get the down low on the prices!

Since our sweet little babe will be a fall baby, I do want to make sure her little head is nice and warm when we're out and about, or if we're just hanging out inside, which might happen more than not, she can be styling in a little headband. Rumor has it, if you start them young, by that I mean little babes, with headbands, they'll keep them on. Wish me luck, she'll hate them or love them, but I'm hoping for the later part. These bows are chic, stylish, and best of all affordable! Each one under $15, cha-ching! Happy baby hat + bow shopping!

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