Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hello! Today I'm over on Mom's Best sharing these easy DIY drawer lines that are done with gift wrap! As we begin our final few month countdown we are prepping this little babe's of our nursery. We all know I have a minor, or large, obsession with pretty drawers! So I knew these sweet little girl needed something special in her drawer! Although I'll be opening them 90% of the time when she's little when she bigger, getting toys out of the bottom drawers, or just doing little busy toddler things, I know she will adore these just as much as her mama! I mean that goat paper is to die for!

Here's what I used:
Double Stick Tape

For these liners I hopped on over to Spoonflower, found this super cute design and ordered a roll of custom gift wrap.   This is a website where creative people upload their designs and you can buy them. You can have the designs printed on wallpaper, gift wrap, fabric, and a few other options! If your brave enough you can also create your own design, upload it and have it printed. Alright enough about that, if you’re looking for this fun goat pattern you can find it here. 

For the full tutorial of these little drawers, head over to Mom's Best

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  1. The giftwrap you use is so gorgeous! Perfect for the nursery indeed! This makes the drawers so much cuter!