Project life.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Have you guys heard of project life? Ok you probably have.
But I'm just new to the game, but I love the idea! You can check more details out here.
Basically you print photos + journal about those photos or moments in your life, but since I've never kept a journal, terrible I know, I'm 100% in love with this idea! I think that its perfect, especially to leave behind memories and photos for generations to come, so I'm thinking a little futuristic but I want my great-great-grandbabies to know who we are, so I'm starting. And since I was a HUGE scrapbooker back in the day, I've got my baby - beginning college life complete. But I'm just going to start today, the last couple months. So here I go!

Also I know there's a ton of photo printing sites out there, which are amazing, i've used a couple my self, but I decided to save a little cash by just printing these at home on my HP photoprinter using 4x6 photo paper, BEST idea (see photo above). Also I love the idea of a HUGE book, but I felt like I need to start small so I picked up a mini book with 4x4 sheets. Keep it simple and small for now and I can always grow into a big book if I can stick to it!

I'll be posting more of my pages here soon, so stay tune!

If you printing at home here's what you'll need:
HP Photo Printer
HP Photo paper

* Note I happen to love instagram because it filters your photos (I also use the app Pic Tap Go) and makes the images sqaure which is perfect for printing

Instruction: Download your instagram photos to your computer, open the photo in a photo editing software OR word, just change your papersize to 4x6, than copy your images into the program, make sure the images are the proper size, for a small book, 2x2. Trim and you're done! You can also turn these into magnets just by adding a small magnet to the backside.

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