Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish you all a happy holiday, celebrating with loved ones,
I'm so thankful for so many incredible blessings in my life, how truly blessed i am,
I could make a list a mile long, and go on-and-on but the thing I'm most grateful for it,
my family, I'm so thankful for parents who support me, encourage me, love me, and always
push me to be better, and do better. I am so incredibly thankful for their unconditional love,
So thankful for siblings to guide me and are always there for me and
come running when I most need it, I've been so blessed with them.

I'm also thankful for my sweet husband who, continues to impress & surprise me everyday,
despite circumstances in his life, he has grown into such an amazing man, with a heart the size of Texas, I kid you not, his love for serving others is incredible, he's constantly teaching me
small humble life lessons, I am grateful for the man he's turned into, who would have
thought that 8 years ago ours lives would be like this, such a blessing.

I'm so grateful for so many other things in my life..
I'm sharing this fall/thanksgiving over at Mom's Best with Kate Aspen
A special shout out to Kate Aspen for their gorgeous decorations they supplied,
be sure to check out both Mom's Best & Kate Aspen!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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