Wednesday, June 18, 2014

(image via SMP)

I love a good gift, even if it's a just because. 
So here's to a good house warming gift, or a just because, or a party favor gift.
I love a good party, and I love to make sure that my guest have a little something to take home.
Here's some of my favorites for a fun gift box.

A cute wood box or container sets the tone.
Paper straws are a must, always useful.
A few glitter flags, just for fun.
A cute wood utensil set, for a fun event.
A few San Pellegrino's, for a kick back relax moment.
Mason jar lids, because let's just admit it, their stinkin' cute.
Paper cups, ya know for those just moved in.. we don't have cups phase.

Happy gifting! Just remember, sometimes you just don't need a reason to give a gift,
Just a fun reason to surpise friends, neighbors, and family!

Happy Summer!

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