Sunday, December 8, 2013


hey there, a little super hero kit is fun for everyone right?
no matter little kid or big kid, for your young womens this year
we're doing a little "super hero" gift exchange.
 the limit was $5 so I had to get a little creative 
& my young women loves captian america!

You can make this little mask with some glitter felt & elestic
& I cut out some starts with the same glitter, glued them on hair tie 
& attached them to fingernail polish & I also made a little cape for the lip balm.
I found the make up bag at the dollar store & cut and glued some glitter felt
& maybe I'll throw in some tick-tacks as "Super Hero" vitamins

ta-da one super hero kit for $5! 

print the hero mask here. For more super hero masks to print click here.

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